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My Under Carico's Moons series is off to a good start. I hope you will love them as much as I do. The covers are by the incredible Don Aguillo. You can find my books at Not A Pipe Publishing, have your local bookstore order them, or go online to Bookshop.org and other sellers. They are available as ebooks from Amazon.com. Click here for video trailers.

Front cover of Distant Trails by Nan C Ballard
Distant Trails, Book 1, introduces the planet Carico, which is short on technology and long on wide-open spaces. When Seth Reilly returns home to Under Rim, it isn’t the peaceful village he remembers. Trouble is in the wind, and the new girl in town, Annalee, is at the heart of it. Seth and Annalee cross Jerdix, an outlaw who tortures Seth with a device prohibited throughout the Interstellar Coalition. Unable to cope, Seth flees to a lonely camp where he becomes obsessed with taming a horse as damaged as he is. Annalee follows, determined to help him. But Jerdix is still out there. Can Seth and Annalee survive Jerdix’s threat and find the help they both need to heal? [This is a rewrite of what was previously published as Carico Trails. The original Carico Trails is no longer available.] 

Font cover of Deep Canyons by Nan C Ballard
Deep Canyons
, Book 2, brings Lee and Seth back. Lee still hasn’t come to terms with her ordeal three years earlier. She has split from Seth. Now she joins a trek on horseback to explore an unsettled region of the planet Carico. Nothing like hooves on the ground to get to know a place. Then her horses show up at Seth’s place without her. He sets out after her, picturing all the things that can go wrong in the wilds. But what he finds is beyond his wildest imaginings. Captured by non-human castaways, he is taken to a hidden enclave where he discovers Lee already being held. It’s not as simple as escaping. Their lives and the future of Carico depend on them paving the way to peaceful contact between the castaways and the humans.

Front Cover of Tricky Ground by Nan C Ballard
Tricky Ground
 , the third book, continues the story begun in Deep Canyons. Lee Vawn-Cory and Seth Reilly have discovered a community of non-human castaways whose existence threatens the future of the human settlement on the frontier planet Carico. Now the leader of the hidden enclave frees Seth and Lee to go back to the human settlements with one task – deliver an invitation to Carico’s planetary administrative officer to discuss peaceful coexistence. They have miles of wilderness to cross on horseback, pursued by a contingent from the enclave that disagrees with the plan and slowed down by an injured companion. Once they get to Seth’s home village, they begin to wonder who they can really trust to help deliver their message, and who has plans of their own for the planet. The future of Carico is on the line.

Book 4? It's a work in progress with an uncertain future, but I have hopes for it.

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